Thursday, July 31, 2014

All in day's work

I work as a cleaner in a big hotel. It's not a very nice job. I have to get up very early – I get up at about 5 o'clock, & I start work at 6. & some of the people are friendly, but not all of them – of course I always have to be polite, & that's quite difficult sometimes.
One good thing is. I don’t have to work long hours – I finish at about 10 in the morning, & then I can go home.
well, I work on a fishing boat. It's a hard job, & it's quite dangerous too.
You have to be very careful when the weather's bad. We go out to sea for about three or four weeks usually, so I have to be away from home a lot. The good thing about it – about the only good thing – the money's very good, so I don’t have to work all year – I work about six months, usually, & that's good enough to live on.

I work in an Italian restaurant in London – I'm a waitress. & it's quite a nice job, I like it. I have to be nice to everyone & smile a lot, of course, but people are usually friendly anyway, so that's not a problem. I have to work late in the evening, usually till about 11 or 12 at night. But then I don’t but then I don’t have to get up early because I don’t work in the morning.